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Improve your appearance and get the results you have always dreamed of.  VIKARA is equipped with the latest technology, customized techniques and staffed with proficient, licensed skin care specialists. Our team will cater to all of your skin care goals and needs.

Melasma Treatment in Miami


If you are suffering from melasma, this is likely caused from a hormone imbalance. This often occurs in women who are pregnant or nursing when their hormones production is erratic. Melasma is an inflammatory condition creating a stubborn pigment that cannot be treated in the same way as traditional hyperpigmentation treatments.  Certain triggers like excessive heat, or sun exposure can make the melasma worse. 



Many patients have complained that laser treatments they had in the past were expensive and made the melasma worse. Dr. Julio at VIKARA Esthetics has developed a special protocol to address tough melasma cases. He has had great success with his combination treatment which includes gentle laser therapy, microneedling with PRF and a strict home care regimen to help treat melasma cases.



Using lasers to treat melasma can be tricky.  Since melasma is an inflammatory condition, it can be exacerbated by too much heat.  At VIKARA, we use a gentle laser that targets the inflammation which in turn decreases the hyperpigmentation.  We then follow up immediately with microneedling to further target the pigment.



The Dermapen microneedling treatment uses multiple needles to vertically penetrate the skin to create numerous micro channels which help stimulate the body’s natural healing process.  This is similar to the effect of a fractional laser treatment without the heat. This procedure can be combined with platelet rich fibrin (PRF) which has a higher concentration of growth factors than platelet rich plasma (PRP) to improve skin texture and tone. Treatment results can be seen quickly.  This requires virtually no downtime and yields amazing results!


Microneedling with Plasma (PRF)


Microneedling Package of 3 treatments

$330 per treatment (Plasma)

Successful melasma treatment can only be accomplished with the help of the patient.  A strict home regimen must be followed, and avoidance of the sun is paramount for successful results.  At VIKARA Esthetics, our team of experts will guide you to ensure the best possible results. 

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