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Brow Lift

Non-Invasive Laser Eyebrow Lifting


  • Forehead eyebrow elevation

  • Eyelid tightening

  • Natural-looking results

  • Non-invasive procedure

  • No downtime

What is a Laser Brow Lift?

The Fotona laser incorporates VectorLift®- a unique and innovative solution for non-invasive eyebrow lifting and upper eyelid tightening. This unique 3-step protocol provides improvement of brow aesthetics by elevating the eyebrow tail and tightening the upper eyelids.

How does the laser brow lift treatment work?

Fotona's VectorLift® is a 3-step procedure for an eyebrow lift effect combining forehead brow elevation, eyelid tightening and scalp tightening. By extending the treatment to the scalp we are able to provide an anchor point on the lifting effect yielding better results.

The unique VectorLift® protocol produces deeper collagen growth for enhanced skin tightening while also providing a comfortable experience for the patient by delivering a gradual heat increase, thereby avoiding the shock that can be induced by high-powered single pulses found in other lasers. 

How comfortable is the treatment?

This procedure is comfortable and non-invasive with little to no downtime. Total treatment time is around 25 minutes.  For best results, 3 to 4 sessions are recommended. The procedure is usually performed under topical anesthesia.  Although, anesthesia is not required in the scalp area. 


As with most laser procedures that stimulate collagen, results can be seen gradually over time as the body produces collagen and the skin texture and done begins to improve.  This treatment can also be combined with Botox or Dysport for a Botox brow lift that is further enhanced with the laser. 

Our laser brow lift is based on Fotona’s exclusive Er:YAG FotonaSMOOTH® mode pulse technology. The unique VectorLift® protocol provides the optimal balance between immediate tissue tightening (superficial contraction), new collagen formation (long-term rejuvenation) and energy levels that are comfortable for the patient while creating no unwanted side effects.

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