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What is the secret to youthful-looking skin? It’s simple: volume and skin elasticity. As bodies grow older, muscles in the face begin to sag as they lose support from the underlying fat and bones that resorb with age.  As a result, wrinkles and other signs of aging begin to appear. At VIKARA, our Miami team of skin care experts can help you address these issues with treatments and products that help correct the appearance of the face, helping you prolong your natural beauty.


VIKARA offers a variety of treatment options to help you maintain your natural beauty.  Depending on your preference, the area you wish to treat, and your budget, we have different products to meet your needs.

Dysport—Of the available neuromodulator products at VIKARA in Miami, Dysport acts most quickly and lasts the longest, though all our neuromodulators last between three and six months on average. For those who need affordable, fast-acting skin treatments, this product may be the right choice.  Dysport is just as effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  Because Dysport has a lower concentrate, it has a tendency to spread out more evenly, making it a suitable solution for clearing up areas of wrinkles.

Areas to treat with Dysport

Both of these neuromodulators can be used for both cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.  Therapeutically, many pain patients feel relief when treated with Botox or Dysport.

  • Forehead 

  • Between the brows (glabellar)

  • Crow's feet 

  • Corners of the mouth

  • Chin

  • Clenching muscles (for TMJ patients)

  • Neck (platysma bands)

  • Back of neck (for tension)

  • Behind the hairline (for migraines)

Botox —Is another neuromodulator that blocks brain signals sent to the treated facial muscles preventing them from contracting, relaxing the muscles and softening the appearance of wrinkles. Areas most commonly treated by Botox are around the forehead, between the eyebrows, beside the eyes, around the jaw and chin, and in the neck. Botox also works well in combination with fillers, which can help to add volume to the desired treatment areas. While wrinkles and sagging skin of the neck are historically difficult to treat, Botox treatments in combination with laser procedures can help tighten loose, saggy skin without surgery.

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