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The Essential Guide To Caring For Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal

For most of us, having hair-free and smooth skin is essential to looking beautiful and youthful. However, using traditional hair removal options such as waxing, threading or shaving can be quite inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly.

It’s time that we get rid of such options and shift to a more convenient, hassle-free, effective, and permanent solution: laser hair removal. Let’s take a closer look.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Advanced laser hair removal treatments use calibrated and controlled light waves to permanently destroy or damage the hair follicles in your skin. Basically, it targets a special pigment called melanin present at the roots of your hair follicles. Melanin absorbs the heat energy from the laser, resulting in the destruction of the hair follicles.

Is It A Permanent Hair Removal Treatment?

As stated by the FDA, laser treatments can permanently reduce the regrowth of hair by up to 70% in the treated areas and you can see visible reductions in as little as 2 treatment sessions.

What Can I Do To Take Proper Care Of My Skin After A Laser Treatment?

Although laser hair removal is relatively quick to perform, proper aftercare is needed to maximize your results, reduce the risk of side effects, and promote healing in the treated areas. Proper aftercare often involves: 1. Applying a cool compress or an icepack on the treated areas to alleviate any redness, swelling, or discomfort.

2. Avoiding direct sun exposure. The heat from the laser treatment can make your skin sensitive therefore, make sure to apply a good sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to protect it from sun damage.

3. Not waxing or plucking the hair. Since subsequent laser hair removal sessions are spaced at least 3 to 4 weeks apart, you can shave in between sessions instead.

4. Abstaining from sex at least for a day after getting laser hair removal on your bikini area.

5. Avoiding tanning beds or self-tanning lotions in between the laser sessions as it can increase the risk of side effects like burns.

6. Avoiding using perfumes and deodorants on the treated areas (especially underarms) as they can irritate the skin, and cause discoloration and redness.

7. Steering clear of heat treatments such as saunas, hot showers, or spas as they can irritate the already sensitive skin.

8. Avoid scratching the treated areas as it might lead to scarring, discoloration as well as irritating the skin. You can apply a gentle moisturizer instead to soothe itchy skin.

Laser hair removal is an effective and permanent treatment for reducing hair growth in the treated areas. However, adhering to the proper aftercare guidelines prescribed by a well-trained provider can help you achieve your skin goals with a lower risk of side effects.

For this reason, our highly experienced and well-trained laser technicians at Vikara Esthetics, Miami, FL, can help create a customized laser treatment plan as well as provide a set of post-treatment instructions best suited for your skin type, skin tone, and hair growth.

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